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Centrifugal Pumps


GRI Pumps - Non-metallic metering and low flow pumps, bellows, peristaltic, oscillating, centrifugal, sealed and seal-less pumps. GRI has both positive displacement and centrifugal designs. The pumps are oriented toward the OEM market, but are very popular with standard end user applications.

  • Bellows metering pumps
  • Oscillating pumps
  • Peristaltic pumps
  • Nutating pumps
  • Centrifugal sealed & mag-drive


Iwaki - Non-metallic mag-drive centrifugal pumps. Iwaki is the largest horizontal non-metallic, seal-less pump manufacturer in the world, with designs to handle applications from very low flow to 380 gpm and heads to 250 ft. Iwaki pumps are manufactured to resist any type of chemical attack and ensure your process purity. Standard or ANSI design is available with ETFE, PFA, or PP components, featuring true dry run capability with long or close coupled configurations.

  • Flow to 380 gpm
  • Heads to 250 ft
  • ANSI design available
  • ETFE, PFA, or PP wetted construction
  • True dry run capability in a mag drive


Liquiflo/ENDURA - Alloy & non-metallic gear & centrifugal pumps, sealed & seal-less. Virtually all alloy’s are available with multiple materials of components to provide the correct product to successfully handle even your most critical application of high temperature/viscosity, low temperature/viscosity, hazardous material or just guaranteed performance. The ENDURA product line of seal-less horizontal centrifugal pumps are designed to excel in the situations where standard mag drive pumps find difficulty, either in sub ANSI or standard ANSI sizes and multiple alloy availability.


MTH - Regenerative Turbine, Canned Seal-less Centrifugal, Refrigeration and Absorption Pumps. For more than 50 years MTH have been manufactured for all applications throughout industry and commercial with flows up to 150 gpm under a variety of pressures. All MTH pumps are available in either sealed or seal-less design and a number of different alloys. The canned, seal-less centrifugal, refrigeration (ammonia) and absorption pumps are available for capacities to 8,000 gpm and heads to over 700 ft. and are used in virtually every application: high temperature, reverse circulation, jacketed, slurry, self, priming, chemical transfer & unloading, and low NPSH. The MTH design offers leak proof and explosion proof models, no external lubrication, compact design with integral bearing wear indicators, and rotation detectors.


Vanton - Engineered thermoplastic centrifugal, rotary, and sump pumps and thermoplastic flow systems for corrosive, abrasive, hazardous, and ultra-pure fluids. For more than 50 years, Vanton has provided solutions to some of the most difficult applications for municipalities and industry by safely and dependably pumping process fluids or waste streams of mixed chemicals without worrying about corrosion or metallic contamination. Horizontal and vertical heavy duty thermoplastic pumps with flows to over 1,400 gpm, Vanton pumps are 10 times more abrasion resistant that stainless steel and 5 times more abrasion resistant than FRP.


Webster - Non-metallic vertical seal-less immersible and sealed horizontal centrifugal pumps in polypropylene, CPVC, and PVDF. Webster pumps feature fully enclosed motors and non-metallic construction so that no metal parts come in contact with corrosive chemicals. Dependable and cost effective, Webster pumps can handle applications ranging from 5 gpm to over 100 gpm with heads to 140 ft.