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Pump Application Data Sheet

To find out which pump is best for your application, please briefly describe your application and/or fill in as much of the form below as you can.

If you'd like a quote for a mixing, please go to our application form for mixing applications.

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Tell Us About Your Application

What pump or other equipment do you want to use?
What are you pumping?
What percent concentration is this product?
Specific Gravity
Pumping Temperature
Percent and Type of Abrasives or Solids
Hazardous Characteristics
Flow - Capacity
Suction - NPSHA
Suction Lift or Tank Depth
Friction Head (Discharge Pressure)
  • Suction LIft exists when the source of supply is below the centerline of the pump.
  • Friction Head is the pressure expressed in lbs./sq. in. or feet of liquid needed to overcome the resistance to the flow in the pipe and fittings.
  • Static Suction Lift is the vertical distance from the center line of the pump down to the free level of the liquid source.
  • Static Discharge Head is the vertical elevation from the center line of the pump to the point of free discharge.

What You Have or What You Want

What pump are you using now?
Construction Material, which do you want?
Elastomers, which do you want?
Intermittent or Continuous Duty Cycle?
What kind of Connections do you want?
Sealed Pump, or Seal-Less

Drive & Motor Information, What You Want

Variable Speed Drive Needed?