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Roper Pumps

Roper PumpsRoper brings more than 130 years of experience as a major manufacturer of pumping equipment to thee design of progressing cavity and gear pumps.

Roper Progressing Cavity Pump

Roper Progressing Cavity PumpThe product moving elements of this pump technology is the rotor and stator. The stator has a double-helix internal thread and is constructed of an electrometric material chemically bonded to metal tubing. Rotating inside the stator is the rotor, consisting of a single external helical thread. when rotated, cavities are formed between the threads of the rotor and stator. These cavities (or pumping chambers) progress down the length of the stator, moving product from one end of the pump to the other.

Available with cast iron or stainless steel housings and steel or stainless steel internals, Roper progressing cavity pumps are excellent for handling abrasives, slurries, low and high viscosity materials, shear sensitive materials and liquids containing solids. These self-priming pumps offer inlet lift to 28 feet. The single, continuously revolving rotor provides capacities to 1000 gpm, and pressure to 780 psi. Pumps fitted with Buna-N or Natural Rubber elastomers can operate at temperatures to 185°F. Pumps fitted with EPDM or fluoroelastomers can operate at temperatures to 300°F.

Roper PC pumps can handle the complete range of applications found in water and wastewater treatment:

  • Digested sewage sludge
  • Primary/Secondary sludges
  • Filter pressed sludges
  • Dewatered sludge cake
  • Raw sewage
  • Carbon slurries
  • Polyelectrolyte dosing
  • Chlorine
  • Lime
  • Acids
  • Pump protection
  • Water abstraction
  • Screenings
Roper Model Nominal Capacity (GPM) Port Size (inches) Maximum Speed (RPM)
7-006 to .67 1 to 1200
7-025 to 3 1 to 1200
7-201 to 10 1 1/2 to 1200
7-202 to 24 2 1/2 to 1200
7-205 to 47 3 to 900
7-12 to 105 4 to 900
7-19 to 141 6 to 750
7-422 to 165 6 to 750
7-28 to 208 6 to 750
7-436 to 216 8 to 600
7-44 to 261 8 to 600
7-65 to 391 8 to 600
7-4115 to 518 8 to 450
7-4175 to 790 10 to 450
7-C335 to 1000 10 to 300

3600 Series

3600 SeriesThe 3600 Series is excellent for a variety of mixing, blending, recirculating, and transferring of fluids at pressures to 125 psi. Offered in gray iron, with or without jacketing. These foot mounted pumps are built for a long, maintenance-free life.

Roc Pump

Roc PumpUnlike other stainless steel gear pumps, the "Roc" utilizes all metallic rotating components including both gears. These units feature a wide range of shaft sealing and drive options with approx. 25% fewer total components than comparable models.

Z Series

Z SeriesSeal flexibility and ease of maintenance are standard with the Z Series. The Z Series has a unique two piece backplate design that allows greater seal flexibility including single, double, cartridge, and flush with API 610 seal plans available.

V Series

V SeriesThe V Series provides enhanced safety in transferring hazardous and toxic liquids by offering an alternative to mechanical seals. The V Series is bi-directional and self-priming. The pump is designed for close coupled C-face motor mounting.

C Series

C SeriesThe C Series was designed to meet the requirements of the chemical processing and petroleum refinery industries, offering not only the traditional speed reduced pump models, but also an advanced group of direct motor speed models.

A Series

A SeriesDesigned for pumping liquid at standard motor speeds at pressures up to 300 psi, A Series are used for pumping thick fluids such as resins, asphalts & molasses, as well as thin fluids such as fuel oils, coolants and petroleum products.

F Series

F SeriesThese are versatile pumps that are used in many applications such as metering, blending, medium pressure hydraulic power, fuel supply, and general transfer at pressures to 300 psi. They are available with cast iron housings, mechanical seal or packed box, bronze or iron bearings, hardened steel or stainless steel gears and shafts. They may be foot or flange mounted. One special advantage of these pumps is the eight optional piping arrangements possible with the four-port design. Standard pumps will operate at temperatures to 212°F, and pumps with special construction can withstand temperatures to 250°F. F Series Pumps have been used for oils, inert chemicals, and petroleum products.

Roper Model Nominal Capacity (GPM) Port Size (Inches) Maximum Speed (RPM)
F-1 to 1.7 1/2 to 1800
F-5 to 6 1/2 to 1800
F-10 to 11.3 3/4 to 1800
F-50 to 64 2 to 1200
F-100 to 130 2 /12 to 1200
F-300 to 408 4 to 900